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"Climb higher on the shoulders of past achievements- your task is not to fill old shoes or follow a well-trodden path, but to forge a new road leading towards a brighter future."
~His Majesty the Beloved King.

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Jampel Yeshey Payldon

One of the best days of my life :

17/12/20, indeed a very special and important day for each and everyone of us. Coinciding with the National Day, V-TOB had decided to launch their website, a moment they have all longed for in a long time.

I've attended the event along with a lot of inspiring people from all walks of life and ofcourse drew a lot of knowledge from them as we exchanged our point of views and opinions on different meaningful topics.

At the event, surprisingly, I have had the honor to launch the website, being the youngest member as the Youth Ambassador for 10 Pages a Day Reading Journey.

I was also asked to give a speech based on the initiative of VTOB and my experience through the journey, which I haven't prepared for, yet I spoke with words I truly meant from my heart.

When I was asked to become the ambassador for 10 Pages a Day Reading Journey, I knew it was not going to be an easy task and that it came with a lot of responsibility as well. But, the initiative had its goals and vision so clear, all for the benefit of our young generation and I was amazed when I saw the determination and energy that the volunteer teachers had.

I've decided to become the ambassador with the intention that among hundreds and thousands of youth, even if I inspire one, just one of them to read, learn and come forward to participate in such initiatives, I would already be satisfied that I have done my job right.

After starting our initiative with our expectation of maximum 100 participants, we were surprised as entries came rushing in from almost all the Dzongkhags, crossing 300 to 400 participants, exceeding all our expectations. As I watched their video presentation and their reviews, I realized that the only thing our young generation need is Opportunity. This had my spirit lit and my determination high. And that is, what kept me going strong and working hard.

Thank you for welcoming me in the family VTOB. Salute to all the teachers, our heros!