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"Climb higher on the shoulders of past achievements- your task is not to fill old shoes or follow a well-trodden path, but to forge a new road leading towards a brighter future."
~His Majesty the Beloved King.

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EduTALK BHUTAN: Together Forward
Inspired by, and in response to, the Royal Address at the National Day Celebrations in Punakha on 17th of December, 2020, V-TOB is initiating a conversation on education through its online platform, EduTALK BHUTAN: Together Forward.

A unique feature of these conversations is that the panelists will consist of individuals from all walks of life of the Bhutanese society. Participants will include educators, scholars, writers, consultants, youth, media specialists, entrepreneurs, among others. One common thread that binds them is that either they were associated with the education system in the past or they are still in the field of education but in a different system or role. In other words, this conversation will provide the platform for voices from outside the current education system in Bhutan.

In the First Series, the conversation is divided into seven themes, with each theme taking up one session:
1. January 1, 2021: Purpose of Education
2. January 2, 2021: Technology in Education
3. January 3, 2021: Curriculum
4. January 4, 2021: Expectations
5. January 5, 2021: Teacher Education and Professional Growth
6. January 6, 2021: Transmission of Cultural Values and Traditions
7. January 7, 2021: Social and Emotional Learning

Panelists will share their expertise, or experience in the Bhutanese education system, their current views and beliefs and offer their solutions to address key issues.

V-TOB invites nominations of people who can contribute as panelists in the successive series and sessions, as it intends to collect views, expertise, opinions, ideas and solutions to this important issue facing our country.

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