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"Climb higher on the shoulders of past achievements- your task is not to fill old shoes or follow a well-trodden path, but to forge a new road leading towards a brighter future."
~His Majesty the Beloved King.

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Solutions and Services

VTOB is an innovative group of Educational Dreams to nurture SMART (Sincere, Mindful, Astute, Resilience, Timeless) active citizens through enhancing educational engagements. We are made up of VTOB Foundation as a community-based organisation in Thimphu and a host of social enterprises to sustain, inspire, action and lead. Inspired by our Beloved King’s vision for a locally rooted and globally competent Bhutanese with smart institutions in place, with the education reform in process and an opportunity presented by the pandemic, VTOB comes into light as an innovative, relevant and affordable educational solution and service provider led by a team of over 55 young members. VTOB initially started as a teacher voluntary group on March 7, 2020 after schools closed down due to the pandemic. With the support from Honorable Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Education and a list of other organizations, the team was fortunate to contribute voluntary services to develop BBS lessons, Radio lessons and Self-Instructional Materials (SIM) for 1,70,000 plus students along with numerous educational initiatives during the pandemic, which is cherished as a fulfilling endeavor to provide continued education during school closures.

VTOB aims to enhance educational engagements to nurture SMART Active Citizens through consistent quality services. The team walks the talk forward with dreams and actions to create lifelong learning platforms for all, to support the education reform process, to supplement mainstream education and create youth employment opportunities. VTOB is a social enterprise which believes in using education as a tool to solve social problems.

Non-Profit Organization






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Non-Profit Organization


Value additional Educational Initiatives

Value additional Educational Initiatives:

  1. Continued efforts that respond to the current and future needs of children in the areas of Gross National Happiness, Core Bhutanese Values, Digital Literacy, Gender Equality, Inclusive Education and other relevant areas.
  2. VTOB Digital Action and Inspiring Technology (V-DAIT):  Promoting Digital Literacy and Technological Engagement in the society.
  3. V-INCLUDE: Fostering meaningful engagement and support programs for out of school children, unemployed youth and differently abled children.
  4. 5 Minutes of VTOB: A YouTube channel to provide platform for creative and innovative content creation by children and teachers.

Teacher and Students Research Promotion

Teacher and Students Research Promotion:

  1. Activities to build professional learning communities as well as contribute to academic repository and quality resources for policy makers.
  2. VTOB Research Inspiration and Motivation (V-RIM): Promoting Research Culture  in Teachers and Children with long term plans for a Contemporary Education Journal.
  3. VTOB Professional Learning Communities (V-PLC) : Motivating professional groups for pedagogical and professional learning whilst promoting lifelong learning.
  4. EduTALK Bhutan: Creating platform for online and offline Educational Conversations on Future Fitting Education.
  5. VTOB Self-Sustaining Educational Studio (V-SES): Educational content creation through creative pedagogical approaches and using innovative technology so as to foster eLearning opportunities.

Opportunities for Nurturing Productive Citizens

Opportunities for Nurturing Productive Citizens:

  1. A series of projects which will develop/deliver/build GNH Values, Life Skills Education, Well Being Education, Social Emotional Learning, Active Citizenship, Education for Sustainable Development and Lifelong Learning thereby nurturing a society of responsible citizens.
  2. V-INCLUDE: Fostering meaningful engagement and support programs for out of school children and unemployed youth.
  3. V-EARLY CARE: Organising projects and programs to prioritise foundational years of children in citizenship education so as to nurture productive citizens.
  4. V-COLLABORATE: Strengthening of relationship and impact through collaborative projects.
  5. Waste Warriors: A nation wide school based waste management initiative working towards achieving the theme that Waste Management starts with Mindset Management.
  6. The Teacher I Remember: An initiative to pay tribute to teachers through stories of teachers touching lives so that we motivate every teacher to be a teacher that their students remember.
  7. VTOB Youth: A youth focused group to enable, empower and engage youths for positive change.
  8. Rich Hearts to Reach Hearts: An annual special charity event for the monks which aims at giving with a cause.

Building a Well-Read Bhutan and Knowledge-based Society

Building a Well-Read Bhutan and Knowledge-based Society:

  1. Initiate short term and long-term reading and writing initiatives for our children, inclusive of out of school children with focus on remote areas.
  2. VTOB Children’s Reading and Writeshop (V-CRAW) : Promoting reading and writing culture as well as engagement of children meaningfully during school holidays.
  3. 10 Pages a Day Reading Journey: Promoting reading culture in partnership with Drukyul’s Literature Festival: Bhutan Echoes to achieve #wellreadbhutan.
  4. The Reading Retreat:- A partnership program with the Reading Retreat team which conducts an annual reading programme every summer vacation.

Non-Profit Organization



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In the year 2020, we were able to organize nine...

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10 Pages a Day Reading Journey

Non-Profit Organization


Non-Profit Organization