VTOB Educational Solutions and Services

"Climb higher on the shoulders of past achievements- your task is not to fill old shoes or follow a well-trodden path, but to forge a new road leading towards a brighter future."
~His Majesty the Beloved King.

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Started as a teachers’ voluntary group on March 7, 2020, VTOB had the opportunities of working for BBS Lessons, Radio Lessons and development of Self-Instructional Materials (SIM) with support from Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Education and other stakeholders. VTOB has since then initiated a string of foundations and programs to supplement, complement and enhance educational engagements. VTOB was also blessed with a Royal audience on May 8, 2020 wherein His Majesty reiterated that the initiative should continue and also receive support from His Majesty’s Secretariat for future initiatives. Inspired by the Royal Address of 17 December 2020, the Royal Kasho on Education Reform and a need for focus on education as the next big way forward, the Foundation is motivated to support the nation by complementing, supporting and offering a host of educational opportunities through creative, innovative and voluntary programs. The Foundation will work towards fulfilling Bhutan’s education reform process, nurturing an educated society of Gross National Happiness and supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: Quality Education. Teachers and children (in school and out of school) will be the direct beneficiaries of the Foundation. VTOB shall also focus on any need based interventions and initiatives.

Our Values

Vision: Enhancing Educational Engagements to Nurture SMART Active Citizens through consistent quality services.
Mission: A center for young versatile team members to use education as a tool to solve social problems and complement, support and offer endless educational opportunities through creative, innovative and voluntary initiatives.
Core Values: Tha Damtshi Lay Judrey, Integrity and Civic Responsibility


  1. Complement national and global educational vision towards achieving Gross National Happiness and Education for Sustainable Development through continued efforts of need based innovative educational engagements. .
  2. Help promote research culture amongst children and teachers to build professional learning communities and create an academic repository.
  3. Initiate creative and inclusive programs to supplement the efforts by the government, schools and parents to achieve quality education.
  4. Leverage on collaborative approaches with other civil society organizations and donor agencies to support Ministry of Education and other relevant stakeholders in providing quality education.
  5. Lead with positivity and unity, stand in solidarity as an exemplary voluntary group.
  6. Discuss and study the state of education so as to suggest solutions through collective efforts based on dialogue, research and action.